Fernando ANUANG’A is a Kenyan multidisciplinary Artist with creativity output of Dance Choreography, Photography, Music & Video.

Debuted his career in 1990, former of famous Rarewatts dancers. He worked in many occasions with African Heritage in Kenya and abroad.
He took many routes where dance could take him (In Africa, Europe and Asia).
Autodidact and atypical he was inspired by Maasai traditional Dance and voices.
Developed his dance language and an approach to contemporary dance by attending Masteclasses of Carolyn Carlson.

In France he found opportunity to present his solos pieces at the National dance Center of Angelin PRELJOCAJ – Pavillon Noir and Centre Chorégraphique National of Carolyn CARLSON, Colisée in Roubaix.

His recent show “Traditional Future” was created at studio AKILI of Wayne MacGregor (in LAMU) and was produced by fashion designer Pierre CARDIN; this show was staged at Musée du Quai Branly in Paris and Grand Theatre – Espace Cardin, in 2011.
In this recent creation Anuang’a express the evolution of gestures and more liberal (free) energy, which is his way to make tradition live with time. (He wants the traditional dance to be part of the evolution of Life).

Dance creation residence and show performance “A Journey into the Future” at Pavillon Noir – Aix en Provence.

Presentation of “A Journey into the Future” at centre national of dance – Carolyn CARLSON in Roubaix and at Festival June Events- “Atelier de Paris”.

Presentation of the new dance creation “Traditional Future” at Musée du Quai Branly – Theatre Lévi Strauss – Paris.

Guest dancer in “Empreintes Massai” by Georges Momboye.

Presentation of Voices & Feelings at Festival Oriente Occidente in Italy.

Presentation of “Traditional Future” at Solomeo, Theatre Cucinelli in Italy.

Festival Ravenna – Spectacle “Voices & Feelings”

Traditional Future
Traditional Future

Creation: Akili studio/ Wayne MacGregor

Dance/Choreography: ANUANG’A Fernando

Music: Maasaï Vocals & composition moderne

Production: Pierre Cardin

How to evolve Tradition towards the Modernity without obliterating his tracks, without betraying his roots?


Choreography/ dance : Anuang’a Fernando

Music, Nyatiti & Kalimba : Makadem Ohanglaman

Backup Vocal & Acoustic guitar : Isaac Gem Izo

Light & Sound : Bonzi Patricia

A show that give an in-depth understanding of urban contemporary African performance.

Voices & Feelings
Voices & Feelings

Creation : Magadi – Kenya

Interpretation : 6 Maasai Vocalists

Concept : Anuang’a choreographer / dancer

Music : Live Maasai Vocals

Primary emotions translated by a combination of traditional and contemporary moves.


Imagination is what tends to become Real

How much of Now contains the Past!
Norde Claire

“Le kényan Fernando Anuang’a fait de la danse symbolique Massaï avec un cheminement intérieur fascinant. Une initiation au voyage vers les traditions de son pays que ce jeune danseur et chorégraphe nous transmet avec une écriture de la modernité en cherchant à leur redonner un nouveau souffle dans l’interprétation”

Daily Nation

“The spell-bound audience was multicultural and multiracial yet there seemed to be a unanimous sense of watching something that is our very own- two cultures that form an integral part of who we are, two of the few cultures that have remained so preserved, in modern Kenya. However, my conclusion was that the show was so successful not so much for its cultural significance, but for the simple reason that it was a good work of art”


Fernando Anuang’a is part of a new generation of Kenyan contemporary choreographers that are trying to revive interest in African dance and culture. He combines traditional dance moves with contemporary and modern styles; this often results in breath-taking performances…

Maasai Dance


The Maasai traditional dance is unique among the African dances.
One can compare the body movement to a wave where it evolve in turn: the neck, the shoulders, the chest and the back bottom.
The gestural is rather sober, the arms remain close to the body and the legs budge in vertical jumps: the energy is channeled.
The Maasai people draws in dance and songs the forces to confront the nature.

Traditionally there is no instruments: Voice, the feet and the jewels rhythmically regulate the dance.

The Maasaï warrior shows his enthusiasm inside a human circle where each one comes to jump as high as possible.
The more they sing and dance, the more the songs thrust the warriors in a state of trance.
From that time, the MORANS are ready to confront their initiation in the savannah and ready also to fight against the lion eater of cows.
Very bashful, the Maasai uses also dances and the song to choose his wife.
While the circle of the female dancers crosses the circle of the male dancers, a brief blow of head, throw their long hair on the shoulder of the selected girl.
The whole village that attended the ceremony knows then the future wife.
The Maasai culture is a daily reality.
The collective memory is oral: – Imagine a book open on the savanne where the text would be the song, the image would be the dance.



My works includes Dance Choreography, Photography, Video and Music. A multidisciplinary Artist