Keeping Time

Realization & direction: Steve WOODS

Choreography: Fernando ANUANG’A

Dance: Benson Shompoo Katitia,
Teto Lemaiduk, Nakulapan Ole Lonkoi, Kawuet Ole Muatata Naipenyu,
Eric Konee Sakaya, Losotua Shukuru
& Anuang’a

‘Keeping time’ is a dance film project by Irish film maker and director Steve Woods.
In ‘KEEPING TIME’ Steve Woods is replacing ‘language’ with ‘dance’. Like language, dance is primal and universal, it is ancient and “now”. Our lives do not merely touch on dance – to paraphrase Adorno – our lives takes place in it.
Dance is another medium of communication and it has always been with us. We all dance at wedding ceremonies and when he means “we all” he’s talking about underdeveloped third world societies all the way through to contemporary Western societies.
With ‘KEEPING TIME’ he’s juxtaposing through dance, a vibrant third world culture along side our past and making the connection that the past is always with us. The past is not “a chronological category” it is very much part of the modern. He’s looking at our modernity too and putting the question to the viewer “how much of ‘now’ contains the past”?