9th May 2020

Maasai Footsteps

CHOREOGRAPHY: ANUANG’A Fernando MUSIC: Traditional MAASAÏ Songs & Soundscape DURATION: 1h 10mins 45 ARTISTS from: Maasai Mara – Magadi – Amboseli Support grant from: Africa Culture Fund, African Heritage House Kenya, Alliance Française Nairobi, Arc Music, PPMC & Cel’ Division “Maasai Footsteps” show is a call of hope, a desire to show the life and […]

26th May 2018

Le Nouveau Monde show

“Le Nouveau Monde” two different universe, two different mode of life, a show that brings together on stage , the Robots, Maasai, Zulu and Aka. Choreography by Kader, ANUANG’A Fernando and Georges Momboye. Directed by Olivier Massart -Mode en Images.  

26th May 2018

Art of Coconut Peeling

A short video Shot and edited by Fernando Anuang’a OSAMA, Vendor of fresh coconut – Madafu opposite Marikiti market in Mombasa showing his Art of peeling the fresh Coconut. Health benefits of Fresh Coconut water; -lower blood pressure -boost hydration -help kidney function -Hangover remedy. Shot and edited by Fernando Anuang’a

26th May 2018

“Ooko” Music Video

Amazing Maasai traditional RAP – Music Video Traditional concept packed in a Modern Beat Anuang’a Featuring PÉRÉ.  

26th May 2018

Music Video – Rokia Traore

Music video clip of International Malian singer Rokia Traore. Music: “Melancolie” (Album – Beautiful Africa) Realisation & direction of clip: Romain Carciofo Choreography & dance: Anuang’a Fernando.  

26th May 2018

“ROMO” – Ayub Ogada

ANUANG’A & AYUB OGADA Choreography & dance : Anuang’a Fernando Singer & Nyatiti : Ayub Ogada Backup vocal & guitar : Isaac Gem Lights & sound : Patricia Bonzi Concept : Alan Donovan ROMO, means “Meeting” in Luo language, a tribe of western Kenya. ANUANG’A dancer choreographer and AYUB OGADA musician-song writer simply express EMOTION […]

26th May 2018

“Romo” – Makadem

‘ROMO’ is a creative performance weaved together to give you an in-depth understanding of urban contemporary African performance. It brings together Anuang’a professional dancer / choreographer, Makadem Ohanglaman singer/ songwriter musician and Isaac Gem guitarist to express emotion from their traditional roots, building a warm affinity. Choreography & dance : Anuang’a fernando Music, Nyatiti & […]

25th May 2018

Keeping Time

Realization & direction: Steve WOODS Choreography: Fernando ANUANG’A Dance: Benson Shompoo Katitia, Teto Lemaiduk, Nakulapan Ole Lonkoi, Kawuet Ole Muatata Naipenyu, Eric Konee Sakaya, Losotua Shukuru & Anuang’a ‘Keeping time’ is a dance film project by Irish film maker and director Steve Woods. In ‘KEEPING TIME’ Steve Woods is replacing ‘language’ with ‘dance’. Like language, […]

25th May 2018

Traditional Future

Création: Akili studio/ Wayne McGregor. Danseur chorégraphe: ANUANG’A Fernando. Musique: Maasaï Vocals & composition moderne. Production: Pierre Cardin. How to evolve Tradition towards the Modernity without obliterating his tracks, without betraying his roots? Anuang’A, atypical and self taught dancer/choreographer(autodidact) is supported and inspired by the Maasai songs, ancestral memory, and vocal rhythmic power “essential motor” […]

25th May 2018

Fusion Indo Maasai

Création Duo, festival Avignon Off 2007. Chorégraphie Anuang’a & Jaya Pachauri.Production: Mizizi artsIndian dancer from Rajasthan, JAYA PACHAURI, is animated by the traditional Dance that narrates daily life with kindness and humor, and dwell by the Classical Dance Kathak: succession of poetic expressions, of languages of hands, tapping of feet and pirouettes. A frail and […]