Maasai Footsteps

ANUANG’A Fernando
Traditional MAASAÏ Songs & Soundscape
1h 10mins
45 ARTISTS from:
Maasai Mara – Magadi – Amboseli

Support grant from:
Africa Culture Fund, African Heritage House Kenya, Alliance Française Nairobi, Arc Music, PPMC & Cel’ Division

“Maasai Footsteps” show is a call of hope, a desire to show the life and relationship with Mother Nature.

It gives a feel and experience of a culture deeply rooted between Earth and the Sky. I am immersed in this culture and I feel the soul of a “conveyor” through my choreography.

Ceremonial dances represent the roots and the key to Serenity. Voices, a cappella, mark the rhythm drawn from inner force.

Red colour symbolises power and beauty of the fierce Morans, village defenders of livestock. The red soil ochre, fine and fluid materialises the roots, the protection and the rain.

The Lion, omnipresent, recalls the spirit of the ancestors.

Contemporary dance is a wink at the state of vigilance and the confidence of the Maasai people, who accept the duality of the world and the beings who advance with what is beyond their comprehension.

“Maasai Footsteps” is a dance piece that highlights the beauty of the Maasai culture too often used to “distract” the tourist in hotels in Kenya and “parade” in folk festivals in Europe.
In the current Savannah, lions disappear due to lack of space, indus- trial asphyxiation and the Maa- sai tradition changes.

They have long shared their territory with respect, instinctively wisely on good terms until the im- balance came from “elsewhere”.
Their “hour of Glory” has arrived and their future is intimately linked. It will be a unique show, ever made for a big stage.

The “Maasai jump” A leap of lifetime, will be the most majestic and the last image of the show!