“ROMO” – Ayub Ogada


Choreography & dance : Anuang’a Fernando
Singer & Nyatiti : Ayub Ogada
Backup vocal & guitar : Isaac Gem
Lights & sound : Patricia Bonzi
Concept : Alan Donovan

ROMO, means “Meeting” in Luo language, a tribe of western Kenya.
ANUANG’A dancer choreographer and AYUB OGADA musician-song writer simply express EMOTION from their traditional Kenyan roots, building a warm affinity.

NYATITI, a 8-strings instrument reveals all its harmonies in the virtuosic hands of AYUB and the timbre of his voice, subtle, expresses the intimate feelings.

The space, occupied by the dancer who excels in body undulation movements, materialized by the earth, becomes a continuous flux of creativity.

International renowned Kenyan folk music singer/songwriter Ayub Ogada’s music style is defined by the matrimony between his deep smooth voice and the soothing sounds of the Nyatiti (a traditional lyre famed of the Luo people of Western Kenya). He was nominated for an Academy award for Best Original Score after his composition Kothbiro (meaning ‘rain is coming’) appeared on film The Constant Gardener.

Fernando Anuang’a is part of a new generation of Kenyan contemporary choreographers that are trying to revive interest in African dance and culture. He developed a new dance language that combines traditional move and contemporary moves, which results to breath-taking performance.

Isaac Gem is an accomplished music producer/songwriter and an excellent bass player, who has traveled around the world as former bandleader for Destinee & various major Kenyan artists.

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ROMO, signifie “Rencontre” en langage Luo.
Chaleureuse complicité entre ANUANG’A danseur chorégraphe et AYUB OGADA musicien chanteur qui expriment simplement leur EMOTION à partir de leurs racines traditionnelles Kenyannes.
Tous deux s’inspirent de la Nature

Le NYATITI, instrument à 8 cordes, dévoile toutes ses harmonies sous les mains virtuoses d’AYUB don’t le timbre de voix, subtil, exprime des sentiments les plus intimes.

L’espace, habité par le danseur qui excéle dans le déroule de son corps, materialize par de la terre, se transforme en flux continu de créativité.