we are NOMADS

“We are NOMADS”
2024 Production.
Dance & Choreography: Fernando Anuang’a
Music: Maasai songs arrangement by Anuang’a
Spoken word by James Adolwa
Gabalandhurra by Ngulmiya
Light: Bonzi Patricia
Lalanbik – Centre de développement chorégraphique o.I.
Palm heights residency – Cayman Island

Duration : 50 Minutes

Anuang’a explores the concept of the nomadic lifestyle that embodies the human spirit of exploration, freedom, and self-discovery. In his third solo creation, he takes a look at the fundamental question of human needs, drawing inspiration from the Maasai nomads and their relentless pursuit of pasture.
“ Maasai Nomads move through time and space, leaving behind a trail of dust and footprints. Reflecting on their journey through, they use only what is necessary to pave their way forward “.
Our life is marked by a continuous journey, evolving from traditional nomadism to digital nomadism.
In this manner, the modern-day nomads walk with magnificence reminiscent of their ancestors – proud, courageous and always mindful of where their feet have trodden before.
Anuang’a’s work captures both the resilience and adaptability, inherent in the human spirit, as individuals navigate through life’s challenges while preserving a deep connection to their heritage.