26th July 2018

International Dance Workshop Kenya 2019

Pour trouver le TEXTE EN FRANCAIS, faire défiler. The 2nd Edition of International Dance Workshop 2019 this season will begin in Maasai Mara (South West) in the heart of Maasailand and will end in Mombasa (South East beach of Kenya). The dance workshop is open to everyone who want to discover another language of movement. […]

16th June 2018

Maasai Dance

MAASAI DANCE The Maasai traditional dance is unique among the African dances.
One can compare the body movement to a wave where it evolve in turn: the neck, the shoulders, the chest and the back bottom.
The gestural is rather sober, the arms remain close to the body and the legs budge in vertical jumps: the energy […]

27th May 2018

Events Performances

TRADITIONAL FUTURE: FRANCE – Espace Pierre Cardin Grand théâtre PARIS, 04 MaY 2011 FRANCE – Musée Quai Branly Théâtre Claude Lévi-Strauss PARIS, 22 Mai 2011 FRANCE – Festival VAISON DANSES – Theatre Nymphée, Vaison la Romaine 24 Juillet 2011 FRANCE – Rencontres Essone Danse – Salle Jean-Montaru Athis-Mons, 16 March 2012 FRANCE – Wallers 30 […]

26th May 2018

Maasai Dance workshop

Dance Workshop in Maasaï Mara – Kenya from 26th to 10th March 2018 International Dance Workshop on Traditional Maasai dance, will involve body undulations movements to the rhythm of Deep breathing voices. An approach to Afro contemporary dance through Kenya dances. Free time in the afternoon can be dedicated to Making of Beads with the […]

26th May 2018

Dance workshop – Maasai Mara

The Maasai dance workshop in Maasai Mara Kenya was held from 27th April to 10th March 2018 and Participants from France, Denmark, Spain, USA and Kenya came together to learn Maasai dance and improvise on Maasai Voices “Orgos”. The Maasai dance is based on breathing pattern whereby the dancer produces deep breathing voices and undulate […]