Fernando ANUANG’A is a Kenyan multidisciplinary Artist with creativity output of Dance Choreography, Photography, Music & Video.

16th June 2018

Dance Maasai

DANCE MAASAÏ The Maasai traditional dance is unique among the African dances.
One can compare the body movement to a wave where it evolve in turn: the neck, the shoulders, the chest and the back bottom.
The gestural is rather sober, the arms remain close to the body and the legs budge in vertical jumps: the energy […]

27th May 2018

Events Performances

TRADITIONAL FUTURE: FRANCE – Espace Pierre Cardin Grand théâtre PARIS, 04 MaY 2011 FRANCE – Musée Quai Branly Théâtre Claude Lévi-Strauss PARIS, 22 Mai 2011 FRANCE – Festival VAISON DANSES – Theatre Nymphée, Vaison la Romaine 24 Juillet 2011 FRANCE – Rencontres Essone Danse – Salle Jean-Montaru Athis-Mons, 16 March 2012 FRANCE – Wallers 30 […]